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  • Can print a QSL card of other format than 140 x 90 mm?

    Yes, we can. Normally every Radio Club or Group have a standard size and we will accommodate to your requirement (150X100 mm or 140X90 mm). Unfortunatelly QSL printed in other standard than 140x90 will be more expensive (ask before you order)


  • What is the minimum order available?

    At the moment the minimum order is 500 Qsl´s and we haven't limits (2000, 3000, 4000...). For more information please Contact us.


  • I want print a Qsl but I haven't material for send.

    It is not a problem. We have a big photo, flag and map CD collection, so send your order and we try to find the best material for your Qsl.


  • When I will pay the Qsl´s?

    After receive the design via e-mail and when we have your approval, we will ask the pay form that you prefer.


  • How to pay?

    Usually our customers use a bank transfer, postal order, registered letters... You can choose the pay form.

  • Is there a limit to how many photo's I can have on my QSL ?

    Cool QSL's offers no limit on QSL design work, so you can have as many photo's on the front and back of the QSL has you want at no extra charge !.


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