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Illuminated led callsign plate

We have joined amateur radio led callsign plates led illuminated.This product is of high quality, made ??with great care.

The stand is made of rosewood wood, painted, engraved plexiglass plate.

Includes a 230V power supply, just plug it in and enjoy the perfect result.

The perfect gadget for the radio room, the club, the events, trips or
holiday gift.

You can choose the color of light: blue, green, yellow, red, white.

Tablets are the dimensions:
Stand: 278x48x40mm
Plexiglas: 250x147x5mm

It is possible to rounding corners or other shapes cut plexiglass.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The cost of the plate is 29 euro + shipping cost.
Lead time: up to 3 days (depending on the number of orders)

Feel free to place orders
Radek, SP5ADX




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